A word from Dylan…


 or·gan·iz·er / A person who organizes.


Dylan Harper is a qualified licensed electrician in the marketplace, prominent ‘called’ dylan with beardleader in the church, and organizer for the Misfit Generation Young Adults Conference. He is a Victory Bible College graduate, part-time staff member at Hope Fellowship, full time husband & father, and currently studying to pursuing a call to full-time ministry. His passion is helping fellow followers of Jesus discover their true identity in Christ, seeing them develop into the mighty men & women of God who they’re called to be in this world.

He is thrilled & blessed to be leading Ignite Young Adults at Hope Fellowship CRC alongside his wife Jessica & brother-in-law Nigel Broersma, along with bringing leadership to several other ministries within the church. Together, they are helping others develop passionate relationships with Jesus, transforming lives one at a time through worship, preaching of the Word, Bible studies, and fellowship.

This is the second annual Misfit Generation Conference that Dylan is organizing, and he has high hopes that each year God will take us ‘misfits’ deeper and deeper into understanding who we are and how we are called to live in this world. It is with the utmost of pleasure, grace, and love from our Father in heaven that he has the opportunity to organize this event once again.