speak·er  /  a person who speaks

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Kevin Makins lives on the borderland. He performs one-man-shows in bars, makes videos for thousands on YouTube, writes, podcasts, and is the founding pastor of Eucharist Church. He speaks to seniors and high school students, in packed rooms and small circles. His audience includes the faithful and the skeptical, those hungry to learn and others who just want to laugh. With humour and depth, he aims to bridge the gap between the secular and sacred, the profound and profane.

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Darren grew up in the Durham Region and has not strayed too far from home. Despite having been raised in the church, Darren did not encounter Christ until after he graduated from High School. Jesus began to work in Darren transforming and leading him in new directions. After a brief stay in Hamilton to complete his undergrad at Redeemer, Darren believed God was calling him to work in pastoral ministry. Since that time Darren has been studying part time at Tyndale and working the rest of the time at Hebron Church in Whitby. Darren has a passion for preaching the Gospel and admits that many of our churches have not been explicit and clear about our proclamation of this good news of the Kingdom. We have almost forgotten it is ‘good news’ and instead opted for messages that centre on good advice or urging stronger moral behaviour while missing out on the very message that is the power to transform.

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Micah loves engaging audiences around the music they listen to, exploring the positive and negative impacts of these choices.   He has a Master’s degree in Popular Music Studies from the University of Glasgow and has integrated a Christian perspective towards cultural discernment that is grounded in his experience within the music industries.

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